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About NURP

NURP Research

  1. In the Spotlight
  2. Strategic Research Themes
    1. Research on Corals
      1. Shallow Coral Reefs
      2. Deep-sea Corals
    2. Research on Fisheries
      1. Fisheries Management
    3. Research on Ecosystems
      1. Gas Hydrates
      2. Marine Biotechnology

Undersea Technologies: Tools for Research

  1. Advanced Diving
  2. Undersea Habitats
  3. Human Occupied Submersibles
  4. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)
  5. Ocean Observing Systems
  6. Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Centers & Institutes

  1. NOAA's Undersea Research Program Headquarters
  2. National Institute for Undersea Science & Technology
  3. Caribbean Marine Research Center
  4. Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory
  5. Mid-Atlantic Bight
  6. North Atlantic & Great Lakes
  7. Southeastern U.S. & Gulf of Mexico
  8. West coast & Polar Regions

News (Hot Topics)

Funding Opportunites


  1. NURP Research Explorer
  2. NURP Multimedia Gallery of Underwater Science and Technology
  3. NOAA Photo Library
  4. NURP Publication Explorer
  5. Links to related websites

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