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NURP Research Explorer The NURP Research Explorer search engine provides access to detailed information such as project titles, investigators, research summaries, dive maps, multimedia, and resulting publications from NURP-supported underwater research and exploration.
NURP Multimedia Gallery
The NURP Multimedia Gallery of Underwater Science and Technology provides access to a series of highlight video clips and still images resulting from NURP-supported underwater research and exploration.
NOAA Photo Library: NURP Album The NURP Album of the NOAA Photo Library includes thousands of images of assorted sea life, seascapes, undersea technologies, and explorers. In particular, the collection highlights a range of undersea technologies that have been developed over the years to conduct groundbreaking research in the field of oceanography.
NURP Publication Explorer
The NURP Publication Explorer search engine provides access to citations for numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, abstracts, grey literature, theses, and dissertations resulting from NURP-funded underwater research and exploration.

NOAA Diving Manual
NOAA Diving Manual was written for use by NOAA scientists/divers to assist them in conducting various operations. The newly revised Fourth Edition of the NOAA Diving Manual is now available through the Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service.

Click here for a collection of one-pagers (PDF format) summarizing recent advances in underwater science and technology supported NOAA's Undersea Research Program


  1. NURP Accomplishments 1995-1997 - "Undersea Research Investment" - (HTML)
  2. NURP Dive Statistics
    1. (1988-2003) - (PDF) (WORD)
    2. (2002) - (PDF) (WORD)
    3. (2003) - (PDF) (WORD)
    4. (2004) - (PDF) (WORD)
    5. (2005) - (PDF) (WORD)
  3. NURP Science Guidance
    1. (FY 2004) - (PDF) (HTML)
    2. (FY 2005) - (PDF) (WORD)
    3. (FY 2006) - (PDF) (WORD)
  4. Deep Sea Corals Workshop (Galway, Ireland, January 16-17, 2003) - Summary Report (PDF)

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